Lock-in January 13th 2017

The church is a place where God is alive! That is a fun, incredible, and amazing thing! Because of that we believe that it is important to have fun when we’re at church, because when we have fun here, we are having fun with God! It is important for our youth to know how much God loves them, and one way to do that is to share in fun activities.

For January 13th, 2017, Wesley’s youth group will be going to ‘On the Edge’, a rock climbing facility, to kick off our lock-in. Following that we will have various games and activities at the church so that we can share in fun with each other at God’s house! However, in order for the youth to participate in this event they must fill out all of the waivers and permission forms needed. For on the Edge, the rock climbing facility, they require a parent/guardian to sign the waiver form and provide a photo copy of their drivers license that is signed as well. All of the forms needed are attached to this post, just click on the link, and print off the form you need to fill out!

WUMC Parental Consent Waiver

Lock-in rules and expectations

Lock-in information

On the Edge Waiver for Parents

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