Connecting Point

Connect With Us!

Being a part of the community at Wesley means that you are becoming a part of our spiritual family and joining us on the most important and exciting journey you will ever take.  A Christian life involves more than just believing, it also includes belonging.

How to I become a part of the Wesley Community?

Becoming a part of the Wesley Family is easy! Our only requirements are:

1. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

You will need to have accepted Christ as your savior and have a relationship with Him.

2. Attend the Connecting Point Class

You will need to attend our Connecting Point Class. This Class is offered throughout the year (check website and calendar for updates), and is completed in one 2 hour session.  During the Connecting Point Class, you will have fun as you discover what it means to be a part of the Wesley Community, your own personal spiritual gifts, how to get involved in the church, and the tools needed to live as a disciple.